Visioning and Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process by which the guiding members of the organization, with input from all constituencies, envision the future and develop the necessary strategies and tactics to achieve that future.

Companies need to be focused on where they are going and members of the organization need to pull together to reach that common goal.

Successful strategic plans are those that involve employees, owners, the board of directors, customers and others. They are written with fact-based, real-time market and competitive information and are not prepared simply as an internal 'book' exercise. This entails setting and agreeing on a long term Vision and Mission Statement for the company, establishing top-level goals, developing a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analyses and assessing the current and future competitive landscape, etc.

A key end product of the plan should be the creation of appropriate business strategies to accomplish the firm's desired market, organizational and business goals, including a contingency plan (Plan B).

We have many years of experience in creating meaningful and actionable strategic plans for different sized companies and within various industries (including non-profits). We will use this experience in leading teams through this important planning process.

We will also assist in the implementation of the plan, using tested principles such as operations planning, change management, objective/goal setting, employee engagement and performance incentive systems. We will help in developing communication and training programs that will ensure every key employee is aware of the plan and what his/her role is to make that plan successful.