CEO/Business Owner Consulting

We work with CEOs and Business Owners to help them achieve results and sustain peak performance. Cookie-cutter consulting approaches to solving complex problems generally don't work. Often you need somebody to stand back, take the long view, assess the situation and provide a "Check Up and Diagnosis" and offer a "Second Opinion."


Many companies are reporting problems in areas such as:

  • Cash Flow and/or Fund Raising
  • Sales Momentum
  • People Performance 
  • Employee Morale/Job Satisfaction
  • Need for a Long Range Plan 
  • Sudden Succession Changes (due to retirement/death of owner)
  • Marketing/Advertising Complexities
  • Board Member Recruitment and Development


The Engle Strategic Solutions Approach:

CEOs are expected to deal routinely with these kinds of issues.  However, sometimes they may need help, or a "Second Opinion."  We, at Engle Strategic Solutions, provide a "Check Up and Diagnosis" with a full range of consulting services for the CEO and Business Owner, which results in a formalized  "Second Opinion," including:

· Visioning/Strategic Planning

· Operational Planning

· Goal Setting

· Sales and Marketing Management

· Fund Raising

· Decision Making

· Team & Organizational Development

· Succession Planning (Company and Board)

· Contingency Planning

· Interim CEO and CFO Assignments