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When You Need a Second Opinion


Running a Business at the Top is Often a Lonely Experience

Engle Strategic Solutions is solely-focused on the CEO and Business Owner, specializing in providing senior management consulting, interim CEO or CFO leadership and executive coaching for small and medium-sized firms in the Bay Area and Denver/Boulder, CO regions.

As a CEO or business owner, sometimes you need another set of eyes and someone to flesh out your ideas and/or strategies.  You also may need senior executive guidance and help during crisis or troubling times.  Engle Strategic Solutions provides a unique blend of CEO hands-on management and consulting experience/expertise to help you in making and implementing critical decisions.

Strategic planning is the process by which the guiding members of the organization, with input from all constituencies, envision the future and develop the necessary strategies and tactics to achieve that future.

Companies need to be focused on where they are going and members of the organization need to pull together to reach that common goal.

Successful strategic plans are those that involve employees, owners, the board of directors, customers and others. They are written with fact-based, real-time market and competitive information and are not prepared simply as an internal 'book' exercise. This entails setting and agreeing on a long term Vision and Mission Statement for the company, establishing top-level goals, developing a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analyses and assessing the current and future competitive landscape, etc.

A key end product of the plan should be the creation of appropriate business strategies to accomplish the firm's desired market, organizational and business goals, including a contingency plan (Plan B).

We have many years of experience in creating meaningful and actionable strategic plans for different sized companies and within various industries (including non-profits). We will use this experience in leading teams through this important planning process.

We will also assist in the implementation of the plan, using tested principles such as operations planning, change management, objective/goal setting, employee engagement and performance incentive systems. We will help in developing communication and training programs that will ensure every key employee is aware of the plan and what his/her role is to make that plan successful.





Interim CEO and CFO Assignments 
Products and Services 
·        CEO/Business Owner Coaching and Consulting
·        Business Analysis and Second Opinion Solutions
·        Visioning and Strategic Planning
·        Interim CEO and CFO Assignments


· Joel Lewis, Former Ad Agency Founder and CEO
Joel has been an advisor for some of the world's largest brands. He is an entrepreneur, helped start multiple businesses and is a noted brand expert and marketing strategist.
· Chuck Nuzum, CPA
Chuck has breadth and depth of experience as a CFO, ranging from private start-ups to large publicly traded companies.
  Robert Seguin, Managing Partner, Productive Leadership 
Rob is the Managing Partner of  Productive Leadership, where he and his firm leverage the tools and processes of Leadership Management (LMI), the largest personal and organizational development company in the world.






CEO/Business Owner Executive Coaching


We provide one-on-one Executive Coaching to CEOs and Business Owners. With years of CEO and Board leadership experience, we know what faces these individuals and they sometimes need independent input from the outside.

We assist the CEO/Business Owner with thinking through sensitive or confidential issues, providing advice and/or tools where needed.  We help the CEO in learning how to increase their effectiveness as a leader, to set long-term business and  personal goals and to find ways to improve their job satisfaction.

CEO Coaching is provided virtually in private, semi-monthly, 90-minute sessions.







CEO/Business Owner Consulting

We work with CEOs and Business Owners to help them achieve results and sustain peak performance. Cookie-cutter consulting approaches to solving complex problems generally don't work. Often you need somebody to stand back, take the long view, assess the situation and provide a "Check Up and Diagnosis" and offer a "Second Opinion."


Many companies are reporting problems in areas such as:

  • Cash Flow and/or Fund Raising
  • Sales Momentum
  • People Performance 
  • Employee Morale/Job Satisfaction
  • Need for a Long Range Plan 
  • Sudden Succession Changes (due to retirement/death of owner)
  • Marketing/Advertising Complexities
  • Board Member Recruitment and Development


The Engle Strategic Solutions Approach:

CEOs are expected to deal routinely with these kinds of issues.  However, sometimes they may need help, or a "Second Opinion."  We, at Engle Strategic Solutions, provide a "Check Up and Diagnosis" with a full range of consulting services for the CEO and Business Owner, which results in a formalized  "Second Opinion," including:

· Visioning/Strategic Planning

· Operational Planning

· Goal Setting

· Sales and Marketing Management

· Fund Raising

· Decision Making

· Team & Organizational Development

· Succession Planning (Company and Board)

· Contingency Planning

· Interim CEO and CFO Assignments