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Meeting the Specific Needs of the CEO/Business Owner

Providing Over 25 Years’ Experience as CEO, CFO and Corporate Board Member

Business Coaching and Consulting


Visioning, Strategic Planning and Defining Measurable Expectations


Operations, Personnel, Team Building and Scaling Up


Sales Development, Marketing and Growth

My Approach to Coaching and Consulting

As a CEO or business owner, sometimes you need another set of eyes and someone to flesh out your ideas and/or strategies. You also may need senior executive guidance during crisis or troubling times. I provide a unique blend of hands-on management and consulting and coaching experience/expertise to help you in making and implementing critical decisions.

From My Clients …

I can personally recommend Mel Engle as a strategist, coach and mentor for CEOs, start-ups and growing companies. Having worked with Mel over several years to shape and rebuild our business, I have found that his lifetime of experience, including running a $600 million company in a difficult, highly-regulated business sector, to guiding start-ups to successes as a CEO, has provided him with the ability to take a 40,000 foot view and provide valuable guidance exactly where needed. I would strongly recommend any CEO or company that is going through troubled waters to get Mel’s insights and advice. Do it Now! You can’t afford not to.

Gene Kelly

Founder and CEO, CATCO, Napa, CA

If there is anyone who might need business coaching in the areas of financial/business planning, manpower development or, most importantly, fresh strategic planning, I wholly recommend Mel Engle.  Mel and I have worked successfully for over three years.  He helped me solve numerous business problems at Caldwell Vineyard and Winery here in the Napa Valley.

John Caldwell

Owner, Caldwell Vineyard and Winery


What is different about Business Coaching at Engle Strategic Solutions?

I provide one-on-one executive coaching to CEOs and business owners (only). With years of CEO and Board leadership experience, I know you sometimes need independent input from the outside.

I assist you thinking through sensitive or confidential issues, providing advice and/or tools where needed.  I help you increase your effectiveness as a leader, to set long-term business and personal goals and to find ways to improve your job satisfaction.

Coaching is conducted in private, 90-minute sessions which are focused solely on the leader.

What is the Difference Between Consulting and Coaching?

Coaching Focuses on the Leader and Consulting Focuses on the Company.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

I work with start-ups, non-profits, established for-profit companies and those companies which are for sale

Our Quality Statement

  • Doing Things Right the First Time
  • Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Integrity in Everything We Do
  • Continuous Improvement
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